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    ENROLMENT MotoManager is completely free.
    To participate in the game you must compile all the fields of the form of enrolment in correct way. (user and passwords must not contain spaces or special characters as "/ | \') (and $%£" or punctuation)
    It compiles the enrolment form, the data for the access for the game will come to you communicated through email and your team will be active from instant.
    If a new team is not the login to situated and does not participate in the game during the first next week to the activation it will be cancelled automatically.
    Each user can manage an alone squad, there will be controls over email and ip to hamper the enrolment of too many squads from the same manager.
    During the enrolment seglierai the flag that you will want to represent in the game. For now you can choose between:
    Some data inserted to the enrolment are not more modifiable inside the game

    At the moment 6 categories are active:in order of the lowest MOTARD, CAT125, CAT250, SUPERSPORT, SUPERBIKE, MOTOGP, each category is divided into more series according to a scheme to tree line (1 series MOTOGP, 2 series SUPERBIKE, 4 SERIES SUPERSPORT, 8 series CAT250, 16 series CAT125, 32 series MOTARD) in each one of them can participate at most 30 teams.
    A team at the moment of the enrolment will be assigned automatically to the category as high as possible where there is free place.
    At the end of each season will recede the last 10 teams of the builders classification, and the first 5 team will advance to the next category.(Example: who is in Scooter.5 it will be promoted in CAT250 and not in Scooter.4). In case of points equality in classification will look the financial availability of the team: in practice who has fewer money it moves back and the one who has more money is promoted.
    Each time that you will be promoted of category you will have at disposal new accessories, motorbikes, motors and pneumatics in order that your pilots are able to appreciate more and more, before arriving at the MOTOGP where all the pieces are unblocked.
    In exchange for category you will must to update yours motorbike to be able to compete and to be competitive, but you take care that in case of retrocession probably you will not be more allowed to use any pieces that you were using in the preceding season.
    To know the list about the pieces that you can use you can look in the stores, which contain articles diversified according to the category in whom you are.

    - SEASON
    In MotoManager a season lasts 10 weeks: each week there is one competition on the circuit indicated in the Calendar, the proofs are opened Sunday to 24:00 to Friday to 24:00, the competition will unwind in Saturday to variable schedules live. In each competition 50 pilots will be able to participate at most.
    At the end of 10 competitions of the season there will be decreed the best rider and the best team that will be able to enter into the golden notice board of the champions of Motor-sprint.
    Between a season and that one following,there is a Saturday of stop, the pilots will grow old of one year and will be assigned to the teams the prizes of the classification on the grounds of the belonging category. (the classification pilots is not awarded)
    Besides each fan will pay the seasonal subscription of 500€ to be part of your club.
    Each season is different by those preceding because the competitions are chosen at random by the list of the disposable circuits.

    - CUP
    The Cup Category is an event to which is not obligatory to participate.
    Each Wednesday evening all the squads belonging to the series of the same category (example. SUPERSPORT.1, SUPERSPORT.2, SUPERSPORT.3, CLASIC.4) they can compete on a single circuit.
    The Cup Category has an own calendar, an own classification pilots and builders, but both are not worth with the purposes of promotorbike or retrocession: the one who participates in the cup has the possibility to confront own pilots to those from all the teams to equal category, can increase the own fans and win prizes in money if it is positioned in the first positions.
    The qualifications to the cup are opened only for 48 hours (from Sunday until the hours 24:00 to Tuesday in the hours 24:00) and the competition will unwind on Wednesday to variable schedules.
    During the proofs 50 circles will be able to unwind at most.
    A rider can participate in all the competitions (in the cup and in the season) without limitations, but too many times compete will make tiring the pilot, that will go down of form.
    To maintain a level of constant form a rider must participate only in 1 competition per week

    When you inscribe a new team you have at disposal 200000€ with which you will have to build your team: to choice a motorbike, to modify this and to purchase your pilots.
    At the beginning the money will be lacking and then it suits to you to check the price of each element before doing mad expenses and compromise suddenly the season.
    You will be able to check your finances in any moment in the special page Finances.
    The week budget lets you observe your entrances:
    - the sponsors earnings that you have chosen to do publicity: you will be able to choose the sponsor of the motorbike, the sponsor of the pneumatics, the sponsor of the overalls and the sponsor of the helmet;
    - the earnings through the scrapping of the old pieces of the motorbike or the sale of the pilots;
    - the earnings of the awards: participation in the competition, poleposition;
    - the expenses for the purchase of new pieces or of new pilots;
    - the expenses to pay the salaries of pilots;
    - the expenses for the change of the motorbike;
    The week economic updating will happen each Monday: to your money the entrances and the exits will be added, after all the parameters will be set at zero.

    In the page of the finances you will be able to hold under control the contracts with your sponsors.
    There are disposable 4 families of contracts: of the motorbikes, of the pneumatics, of the overalls and of the helmet. For each contract offer it is specified the duration and the sum in money that will enter weekly into your cases.
    The sponsors are different for each category and in case of promotorbike and / or retrocession the contracts will keep on being worth up to the estimated term.

    To make professional competitions the first thing to be chosen it is the Motorbike with which you want to make running your pilots
    All the Motorbike of the belonging category are equivalent and have the same ability level in the way of being able to choose own Motorbike preferred without looking his abilities. Caracteristics of the motorbikes will be able to have improved by the experts of the Staff that you will have to assume.
    If you do not choose any Motorbike particularly you will run with yours personal motorbike that you will be able to fix and to modify equally to your pleasure.
    It is possible to change Motorbike all the times you want and in any moment of the season.

    To have a motorbike you will must to hire beforehand or to purchase at the market a new pilot; in each team there can be at most 3 pilots, 2 holders and 1 of reserve that you will be able to manage and to exchange of list in each moment through the page Pilots.
    The engagement of the new rider (the catch) happens completely in random and automatic way, besides during a season it is possible to hire at most 3 pilots without any exception.
    Purchase of the market of a rider instead can be gone shopping all the times you want and after a choice between all the disposable pilots on the market. (of a rider it will be more expensive than an engagement done completely to random).
    It is possible to announce to the season also with an alone rider and the alone one Motion on which investing all the own money. In this case you will have more possibility of winning the classification of the pilots but logically it will be more difficult to win that one builders.
    It is reasonable to do tactics from the type: I fish a pilot, do some competitions to see how he behaves and if I am not satisfied sell it or substitute it hiring or when a new rider was buying. Logically it will be able to happen to me to fish a rider even scarcer of that of beforehand...
    To improve the times of your pilots on the circle you can change motorbike or his elements all the times that you want from Monday until Friday but Friday in the hours 24:00 up to Sunday in the hours 24:00 it will not be more possible to make modifications because of the competition and the transfer of the squads to the place of the following competition.

    Each characteristic of the rider is created completely at random by a software: to whoever there can happen a true phenomenon or a true duffer, there is to you to decide if to hold it or to substitute it, rocordo that nevertheless during a season you can fish at most 3 pilots you without any exception.
    Between several ability levels there is no huge difference, for example between a disastrous ability and the perfect one is only some tenths of depending on what it can be compensated at the following ability.
    As far as it regards the guide abilities they are understood perfectly without explanations.Per quanto riguarda le abilità di guida si capiscono benissimo senza spiegazioni. There are then personal characteristics (verde=positive,blu=normali,rosso=negative): - Age and Experience:un old and expert rider itself destreggerà in the traffic of the competition better than a young rider not accustomed to the pressure of the competition. At the end of each season the pilots earn experience and grow old in one year.
    - Character and emotionality: an irascible rider or emotional much will be more subject to errors in footprint owed to the irritation or to the emotion, the factor emotorbike counts very much in the final circles it be necessary to find the rider to fight for the first positions
    - Physique and Morale: a healthy and glad rider will return at most his potentialities in footprint, certainly more of all that it would return if it was depressed or crushed after a fall. Naturally physique and in a rider they can vary morale according to the obtained results and special events like the falls. At the beginning of the following season they are normalised.
    In the personal page of each single rider clicking on different abilities it is possible to see in the table of the characteristics at which level it belongs

    Close to the name of the rider the software with a total judgement to the rider who expresses his market value in the game. (the total judgement takes as well as the abilities of the rider also the personal characteristics into account, therefore it is not always said that a rider who has a greater value should for strength to arrive before the one who is worth less, but it an indication).
    For example an old rider will be worth less than one young man with the same characteristics
    The value of the pilots can increase thanks to the training that can make growing his abilities. This value is updated nevertheless only between a season and other one.
    It is possible to purchase a rider at the market paying it to his whole economic value, or it is possible to sell extracting the half of his value.

    It is possible to choose between quite 11 week types of training each one of which the rider makes improving in a specific ability.
    Each Monday all the pilots of your team will receive the benefits of the training: each level of ability visualised in the page of the rider (The Perfect, good, acceptable, and so on up to disastrous) is subdivided in decimal. This means that two pilots with the same "acceptable" ability are not strong to the same way: for example one can be also "almost good".
    Alone through the training the abilities can be improved and reach 4 superior levels: Excellent, fantastic, extolling, he is a god! The training with greater results with young pilots. To the aumetare of the age of the pilots the training will have risulatti little by little scarcer.
    Table of the results of the week training:

    Over 33 years the training has no efffect on the rider skills and skills begin slowly to decrease with the years.
    When a rider reaches the maximum level in his ability or characteristic (he is a god, I cool as the ice), the allenamneto will not carry any more any improvement in that ability (then it will be necessary to change type of training).

    The pilots dismissed several team are put on the MARKET.
    To sell a rider you go to the personal page of your rider SQUAD => NAME OF the PILOT and it clicks on LICENZIA, you will receive as it rewards the half for the value of the rider that you have put on the market (it is a cunning way to earn something). In order that a rider improves you go to the dedicated section COMUNITÀ => MARKET where you can look for the pilots for value or for ability and visionarlo before deciding to buy it.
    The purchase price is his value of market (it written document in high neighbour to the flag) while the sale price is a half of his value. This one has been decided to prevent from being sold and pilots buying to the infinite
    Each Thursday new pilots will arrive on the market with characteristics fit for the category.

    To win a competition or in order that a pole position gains you must give to your rider a motorbike that it is adjusted according to the type of circuit and of the atmospheric time of the week in course.
    In order that the first time goes down in footprint you will must obbligatoriamente to buy a motor, a previous rubber and a back rubber without which yours motorbike might not even go out of the boxes.
    All the other elements of the motorbike to the beginning will be standardTutti gli altri elementi della moto all'inizio saranno standard You can find all the types of motors and of rubbers in the businesses and can change configuration to yours motorbike all the times you want and in any moment (except from Friday until the hours 24:00 to Sunday in the hours 24:00)
    In the business you can see the characteristics of the pieces that you are purchasing, the rubbers then have a particular importance in the choice, for example: - those soft have more adherence but they consume quickly, are then suitable to the proofs
    - those durras have less adherence but they consume more slowly, are then suitable to the competitionquel
    - a rubber of high quality will be certainly better than a rubber low quality
    Useless to say that for the choice from the rubbers it will be necessary to take care of the atmospheric time.

    Opening a workshop and when experts were assuming in your Staff you will be able to unblock some very useful functions for the life of your stable: - through Tyreman, you will be able to discourage Mechanic and Coachbuilder yours motorbike and to hold the replacement pieces in warehouse in order that then motorbike to climb your other one to them or rottamarli, that is to retail them at half price to earn something. Naturally the meccancico will be responsible for the motors, the tyreman from the rubbers and the coachbuilder of the accessories.
    - through the Scout you will be able to recruit to (fish) during the whole duration of the season 3 pilots hoping to find some young talents or some unknown phenomena.
    - the figure of the engineer will lead benefits to the development of the motorbike and will give you advice on how adjusting the order of yours motion.l
    Engineer, Tyreman, Mechanic and Coachbuilder, on the grounds of their bravery, will add bonuses to the characteristics of the motorbike that you have chosen to compete.
    In order that the members of the staff assume stop to look in the Market for Staff.
    In workshop they can take place up to a maximum of:
    - 2 replacement motors;
    - 8 replacement rubbers;
    - 5 replacement accessories.

    After having created your workshop and your experts have assumed you will be able to adjust yours motorbike like better you believe regulating:
    - the length of the marches and of the clutch: the majority is short more the motorbike will have a good ripartenza in curve exit and later you take them, it is usually regulations that travel in couple, it does not make sense to have for example short marches and long clutch because in the cue what is earned on the one hand disappears other one;
    - the pressure from the tyres: a deflated rubber has a surface greater in contact with the asphalt and then it guarantees a greater adherence, but on the other hand it will warm up more and then the majority will be worn out quickly from a rubber to high pressure
    - the hardness of the brakes and of the forks: also these are two regulations that usually travel in couple, for example if the brakes are hard and then they slow down sharply, there would be better property of the hard forks to prevent the motorbike from loading too much the lasted previous one the taken ones
    - the areodinamica of the motion: to modify the loom is used for returning the stablest and manageable motorbike in curve or faster in the straight stretches
    You will have to look for the best order of the motorbike in each circuit to make returning at most your pilots, the ideal order is calculated each week automatically on the grounds of the atmospheric time and to the report rectilinear - curved of the circuit, but you take care: each rider has his preferences in the settaggi of the motion!
    It is not easy to learn to adjust the motion, in this you will be helped by the advice of your Engineer who, during the qualifications, will give you suggestions on the condition of the motorbike and of his regulations.

    In the personal page of the team and in the workshop you will be able to see in which conditions there are the parts of yours motion: when he buys a new piece the line will be completely green, to each competition to which will partecipate each piece will wear the line out to itself will become gradually of red colour.
    The usury of the engine is divided into 10 levels, that one rubbers in 3 levels, the accessories in 5 levels.
    After each competition the usury will go up generally of 1 level in week. If the rider falls or completes errors (there is in competition what in proof) the usury can increase of some levels before ruining completely a piece.
    When the usury levels are at most, that is when the line is completely red you will be forced the piece to change or you will not be able to go down in footprint
    Not to favour the richest squads one is decided that the usury of the pieces does not influence the time on the circle, it is only a parametre that forces the Managers to purchase new pieces each tot competitions.
    The updating of the usury will happen each Saturday after the great prize and will strike all pieces of the motorbike what they are qualified in the competition.

    From Monday until Friday to 24:00 each rider must make at least a proof circle to qualify to the Sunday competition.
    IMPORTANTE:se a team will not qualify any rider for 5 consecutive weeks will be cancelled
    There are no circles limits but for example if you do not change any element of the motion, the rider will do more and more or less the same time: to be improved it is necessary then to invest and to spend money with criterion during the season not to risk remaining suddenly without money.
    When you make going down your pilots in footprint to try the circuit you can them give different orders that will influence their times: it arranges itself "IT IS ENOUGH TO ARRIVE" the rider will go plan and will study the circuit, it arranges itself "THE MAXIMUM" the rider note will push to the limit, risking falling also nevertheless
    CASES PARTICOLARI:i official times record the time and the motorbike that you used when the rider made his personal record, then if subsequently you exchange the mark of the motorbike and turns with slower times, on the official times and in the departure grill there remains recorded the mark of the motorbike with whom you have done the personal record, in the competition nevertheless the software will make you compete with the news motorbike and then it will load the new characteristics.
    Table of the prizes for Pole Position:
    MOTOGP20000 €
    SUPERBIKE17000 €
    SUPERSPORT14000 €
    CAT25011000 €
    CAT1258000 €
    MOTARD5000 €
    The pole position involves a bonus of +1 I level for the morale.
    The one who will award the pole position to himself will be able to give an interview in hall it prints at the end of the competition

    From Friday until the hours 24:00 competition one enters into climate and it will not be more possible to make changes of any type in the squad, this serves to the software to load the statistics and the characteristics of each rider to build the grill of official departure and the competition itself.
    It is possible to follow the competition on real time each Saturday to the schedule indicated in the calendar: the page of the competition will be updated automatically to each circle (about 1 minute) making seeing the order of the pilots and a telechronicle up to that moment: the events in green regard the bonuses from the rubbers, the events in blue regard the bonuses of the order of the motorbike and the events in black and in red they regard the negative events and the falls
    The duration of a competition is in a minute to circle. (The longest circuits are 30 circles that is 30 minutes)
    The competition is done completely in automatic way with calculations that are based on the characteristics of the pilot, of the motorbike and of the circuits. Besides special events are loaded to random to make more realistic the game, which falls, trajectory mistakes or you stand out to the limit that some pilots will strike and it will benefit of others.
    All the elements of the motorbike influence in considerable way these unforeseen events
    At the end of the competition there will be assigned to the first 15 pilots the same dotting that is assigned to the competitions of the Motion GP: 25 points, per second 20, to the third 16, then 13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, in any case, will be shown to the first one by a screened recapitulatory at the end of each competition.
    The sponsors will give prizes in money to the pilots who will reach in zone points according to the category in whom you are running.
    Besides patecipando to each competition your team will become more and more famous and they will join more and more tifosi your club, above all if it will obtain good results.
    Table of the prizes assigned with purpose competition:
    40000 €
    30000 €
    20000 €
    10000 €
    35000 €
    26000 €
    17000 €
    8500 €
    30000 €
    22000 €
    14000 €
    7000 €
    25000 €
    18000 €
    11000 €
    5500 €
    20000 €
    14000 €
    8000 €
    4000 €
    15000 €
    10000 €
    5000 €
    2500 €

    The one who will manage to arrive on the podium will be able to give an interview in hall it prints at the end of the competition

    Since probably already you know the proofs they are free and they can become how many more it turns you want up to the nausea. But attention to challenge too much the fortune, can arrive what during a proof circle or it anchors worse in competition the rider does errors due to the scarce concentration or to the emotion.
    Naturally falling it can happen of everything, it is possible to slip simply on the asphalt, it is possible to become evil and it is possible to ruin whole motorbike or some his elements
    If a motorbike piece is destroyed it is enough to have the money to repurchase it and is done, but a rider leads to it in the time to be recovered:
    - if it takes an ugly blow (crushed) it will be able still to compete but they will worsen his times on the circle (of all that it depends on the caratterisiche of the pilot), quiet, it will cure the following Monday.
    - if instead it become bad it will not be able to go down in footprint until he is an injured (the necessary days to recover can be seen in the personal page of the pilot), besides he will remain crushed up to the following Mondayse
    Besides the falls can influence also negatively the morale of the rider who will need time to recover the shock

    Being you can decide on the Manager head of the team if your pilots to let run freely or give particular orders to him for the determinate one gara:come to stick from the beginning, study well the circuit or think only to arrive at the finishing line
    These orders will influence your pilots be on the times on which on the mental stress
    You can change the stable orders freely and each time that you will want during the proof sessions without any limitation
    In order that your pilots let run freely the set up default order is FAIRIES WHAT YOU CAN, but you can decide to change it in a more aggressive tactics to try to win the competition or more cautious to try to do points for the classification
    Remember you nevertheless that an aggressive tactics makes turn faster but she makes running also risks greater than your pilots who will owe "to save itself" from many unforeseen events during the competition, besides it is just to observe well the characteristics of the own pilots before giving a too rash stable order

    The classification of the builders will add all the points of all the pilots who will run for a team during the season and will take into account also the points of possible dismissed pilots.
    The classification of the pilots will add naturally the points of the single pilots when the rider was decreeing at the end of the season sample. (in theory it can happen that a dismissed rider wins also)
    It is not said that the strongest rider should win all the competitions, it depends also as a manager manages his motorbike and the special events that can arrive during the proofs and the competition.
    They all have the same probability of winning, of course, a lucky rider catch helps much...

    In the menu of your team you will find in bold type the voice COMUNITÀ.
    In this section you will be able to express your opinions in the forum, to participate in soundings, to "spy" on the squads and the contrary pilots, to be informed on real time about the last novelties and visionare the characteristics of the pilots and of the staff on the market as well as to see all the motorbike and the circuits of Motor-sprint.

    If during the game you notice bug or errors that regard your team I pray you to inform of it myself through the special form of the contacts in the section COMUNITÀ and provvederò as soon as possible to correct them.
    You do the same thing if an illumination must come to you on how to improve the game, I will take in consideration all the structural criticism.

    MotoManager online Game passion!